Flower fragrance fills up the air with beautiful scents

Warmth accompanies it with its slight breezy air.

Bees buzz with all the other insects that appear.


Sun shines bright with its blinding rays.

Spring makes people different with its ways.


Weather sometimes confuses us all,

but spring has a plan, and it’s a ball.


Spring is here and it’s all around,

once just stop and listen and you will see and hear things

you never thought.


~Emily PB.


Spring Poems

A Walk in Spring


taking a walk in spring

when the birds sing

when the butterflies dance

and the deers prance


walk down to the beach

what a peach

looking down in the watery world

were fish swim and seaweed swirled

the ocean roared

so I go back to shore

breathe the smell of fresh air

and feel the breeze in your hair


taking a walk in spring

in the sand I lay

and I see dolphins play





is coming soon

flowers will soon start to bloom

birds return from the south

bees are buzzing all about


the big round sun

that glows and warms everyone

soon I can go swim

I will swim till the sky gets dim


this spring is better than the last

but it won’t last

spring really does go fast


Poems by Emily B.